Frank Catucci

Below you will find the questions that are often asked to me about the wedding photo service. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me from the contact page.

How can you define your photographic style?

My style is fluid, my way of telling the day can change a lot, because what I’m looking for is your uniqueness. This makes my reportages unique. You can find many influences, ranging from fashion to street photography, but always with a unique cut.

Where can we see reviews about you?
You can read them here.

I don’t like myself in the photos ….

We’ve all said it, but it’s not a problem. You will be calm and relaxed and you will not even notice it. In case we decide to do portraits, or some concession to my little obsessions, it will always be spontaneous and natural. In all cases I will have the attention necessary to enhance your expressions, your gestures.

Do you also take group or family photos?

Yes, perhaps in a creative and unusual way. I will also do some group photos, but do not overdo it ….. for those there are smartphones, tablets, etc. If you asked me to do so, you would waste my creativity, with the risk of losing much more interesting situations.

I live far away and can’t easily meet you …

Many of my clients live in other countries, so no problem! We can meet in videocall on skype or only by phone and then we’ll decide together.

In which areas do you work?

I photograph weddings all over Italy and abroad. In the last year I have made wedding photo shoots in many wonderful places including all of Lombardy, Como Lake, in Abruzzo in London, Amalfi Coast, Apulia, in beautiful Sicily, in Switzerland, etc.

Will you personally be photographing our wedding?

Absolutely yes, mine is an authorial photograph and I am not the typical studio that takes multiple marriages in one day. Every year I accept a limited number of requests to be able to concentrate on each event and make it unique and perfect. Your wedding will be followed entirely by me both as regards the phase of photo shoots and for the part dedicated to the post production of the images.

How do I book the date?

At least 6 months before, except for exceptions I do not accept jobs after this deadline. Often working outside the region or abroad, I need to plan ahead and travel and my availability.

What are the costs of your wedding photo shoot?

Tell me something about you and I will be happy to provide you with a customized quote.

What does your service include?

Coverage of the entire event and delivery of approximately 500 digital, post-produced and high-resolution photographs (on pendrive or delivered with digital download). The return of all shots in high resolution. .
Albums and layout services will be discussed and listed based on the type and complexity.

How long will I wait to see the photos digitally?

Within 48/72 hours I prepare a paginated preview of the event here a few examples, I return the whole work within 60 days.

What does postproduced photos mean?

It is at this stage that the photographs take on the identity of color, of fashion, of the photographer. This is the moment where the idea takes its final form. I do not make aesthetic adjustments (for that there is Harry Potter), but only small imperfections.

We saw your gallery, we really enjoyed the weddings. Will ours be fun and exciting?

Most of it will depend on you. I will do everything, but there are some ingredients that I cannot add: complicity, empathy between you and that with your guests, the rhythm of the event. One thing however, I want to tell you, for an unforgettable wedding, the secret is you.

Do you make inspections?

Yes, absolutely. We need this to decide whether to do or not do some things and be prepared in the event of adverse weather conditions.

How many will you be at the wedding?

Normally I only work, but I evaluate based on the event, the coaching of a professional colleague. If you also want the video service, you go from one to two video operators.

Do you also take care of the video service?

I collaborate with a team of videomakers and we have studied our way of telling about marriage. The services always include the drone, with a certified operator.

Should we provide for your meals?

I eat little

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