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destination wedding Photographer

Something about me

I am a calm person, full of energy, I’m destination wedding Photographer. I like to tell what I see, in a simple way, through a unique look. I don’t like being a protagonist, but rather a discreet narrator. A narrator always present, but almost invisible. I don’t like jobs done in series and that’s why, you may find them different, apparently, but always united by a personal style. I love simplicity, it is much more difficult to know how to communicate with simple images, because the content must be meditated and reasoned. I’m destination wedding Photographer in Italy.
I always work in first person, because I believe that the human relationship is important, you will find it in my photographs and this will make them unique. I like to tell stories, I don’t like the spectacle of images and I don’t like turning spouses into improbable models. I’m destination wedding Photographer. As you can see in the galleries, I always lay out my previews, because I believe it is important to see the whole of a work. In short, a novel is judged on the whole, not for the beauty of individual sentences, don’t you think?
destination wedding Photographer

How I work

Photography is my way of telling reality, to tell the truth not only, because telling, on its behalf, borders on imagination. Arouses and transmits emotions and even dreams. I do not like clichés, little hands in the heart, skies that cannot be more blue. I like things that are true, authentic and spontaneous.
I am an author, I’m destination wedding Photographer. I have a point of view on things, in constant evolution. My way of telling is a sum of styles, which give life to a unique report, because you are. I believe in photographs made of relationships between human beings, because feeling is the most intimate and complex part.
I am a discreet interpreter, like as destination wedding Photographer sometimes invisible, but always in history, emotionally and physically, because I relate to you, not only as a photographer, but as a human being. I laugh and am moved, with you. They are not for everyone, because mine is a work of research, of relationships, of empathy. A unique way of telling, because every story is and deserves to be told in a different way.
Photography has always been part of me, I dreamed of going around the world with my uncle Franco (historic special envoy of the RAI) with Nikon F, the machine of war reporters. I was little more than a child and then life took a different turn. I worked for years in industry, I followed many projects in the commercial and marketing field. Dreams, you know, sometimes come true and here I am. I got to where I wanted, to do what I love. The photographer is not a job, it is a way of being. We all take pictures with our super-performing phones, but telling something that arouses emotions in those who see it is very different. Something that goes beyond the technique and goes straight into the soul.
If what you want is something unique, tell me about yourself.

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