Milano & Sicily

A very different marriage from the one we are used to seeing.
a chinese wedding in italy, where the presence of the bride is implied.

Chinese Wedding in Italy
Chinese Wedding in Italy

I and my colleague Angelo Chiello of Masterphotographers, we have realized this unusual work. A Chinese wedding in Italy, full of charm and emotions. You’re wondering, where is the bride? Well, you won’t see.


When we met them, they asked us about a Chinese wedding in Italy, which would have been very different, from those we had done. It often happens that couples do not authorize publication, but with them we have gone further.


We asked ourselves, to photograph their presence, without being seen. In short, an absence presence. To be more precise, this was the concession they gave us, to share some photos in this article.


The first part of this work, Chinese wedding in Italy, took place in Milan: We decided to start in the newest and most cosmopolitan part: Piazza Gae Aulenti, and then move on to Piazza Duomo. In short, from the most modern to the rich in history and tradition. The second part of this Chinese wedding in Italy will take place in Sicily. We will leave from Cefalù, passing through Taormina, but not before having stopped in Noto. We will touch the sea with boat trips and let ourselves be enchanted by the majesty of Sicilian baroque and admire the spectacle of the Norman churches in Palermo.

I thank the Le Spose Di Monza atelier for its kindness and availability. They have given our spouses a very high level of service, and have made their day even more special, with the excellence of Italian tailoring.

In conclusion, wherever you want to go, we will be able to tell your story, interpreting your wishes in the best way. We will always be present, but discreet and sometimes invisible. We will be able to tell a story in a unique and refined way. With this preview, we wanted to let you breathe our emotions.