Sicily Photographer

I met Sanne, Ivo and little Liam, in Sicily in September. It was a wonderful surprise, always smiling, accomplices and with Liam, who after some uncertainty, had fun. Sanne and Ivo chose to get married in Sicily and theirs was a beautiful Destination Wedding in Sicily.

I was very impressed by the participation of their friends, always present and available. The climate of joy, the desire to have fun, to attend a party.

You know, the marriage of Sanne and Ivo was just that: a party, heartfelt, participatory, full of joy. I’m really happy to have been able to tell this story, this destination wedding in Sicily with my colleagues from Masterphotographers in Cefalù.

The wedding was organized by the talented Jeannette Haverkamp, who took care of every part of this destination wedding in Sicily.

In my preview, I tried to give back what I perceived: intimacy, complicity, affection. This was a marriage I felt particularly, I felt at home. I thank Sanne, Ivo, their mules and their guests for this. In short, a really nice destination wedding in Sicily.

I also thank them for giving space to my little moments of madness and chaos. Actually in my head there are always ideas I follow, maybe more than one. For this reason, sometimes they cannot understand what they are doing.

I also want to thank the chef and the owner of Aversa, they have always been kind, courteous and professional. Excellent hosts, not to mention the simple, authentic and genuine cuisine. I would recommend Aversa for a destination wedding in Sicily.

In conclusion, this was a very beautiful marriage, I will always carry in my heart the looks and the funny faces of Liam, the contagious laughter of Sanne and the sometimes serious looks, but under Ivo’s sweets.

I believe that photography should talk about people, like human beings, relationships, meetings. This connection is the one that translates a simple shot into a deep memory.
Thanks, a big hug.